Spa & Wellness Service

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Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage - Massage

60 MINUTES $80

Medical Decongestive Therapy


Relaxation Massage

60 MINUTES $80 • 90 MINUTES $120

Swedish or Neuromuscular with aromatic oil option

Colon Hydrotherapy

45-60 MINUTES $80

A colonic is a safe, effective cleansing method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of medication. Introducing filtered and temperature related water into the colon with sterile one-use disposable speculums and tubing, through an FDA approved machine, the matter is

Bemer Sessions

15 MINUTES $20 • (Package Pricing Available)

Relaxing Micro-circulation Mat. Recharge your body’s electrical system.


Migun Far-Infrared Bed - Massage

35 MINUTES $35

Heated Spinal Massage Bed.


Ionic Footbath

30 MINUTES $30• 60 MINUTES $60

Relaxing yet energizing. Through the benefit of negative and positive ions the amazing cellular release of debris comes out the 2,000 pores of your feet. Option of infrared belt.

Pre & Post Surgical Massage

60 MINUTES $80

Pre and Post Surgical lymph recovery - minimizing scars, quickly reducing bruising and pain, lessening the risk of infection.


Laser & Stim Work

15 MINUTES $20

Quantum Wave or Tennant Bio Modulator



Packages : Reduced pricing by 15%. (3 hours of services for $225)